Why Bamboo?

We have a decided at the beginning of this year to change our popsicle stick into bamboo sticks and here is why.

  • MADPOPS is against deforestation
  • MADPOPS is against global warming
  • MADPOPS is against imbalance of income

So we contribute a little by using bamboo sticks for our Mad Pops Popsicles

Why bamboo:

  • Bamboo is sustainable, you can harvest every year poles, without destroying the plant.
  • If the poles are not harvested they will be rotten

How the bamboo sticks are made:

  • Not by machines, no electricity = More ECO FRIENDLY
  • Handmade by grandma’s and mom’s in the village close to Borobudur.
  • The women cut the bamboo poles (Gigantochloa apus, bambu apus), in stripes
  • The stripes are tuned to the correct size and cleaned/washed.

The women get double salary of what is normally paid around the village. The job is done in their homes while they can still watch their kids play.

What we try to do by making this choice:

  • Preserve what can be preserved for the next generation.
  • Help people to get a better living

YOU will help too when enjoying our Mad Pops popsicles !!!tumblr_inline_nsjzog3XSI1txy4gi_540